Day 60: Velankanni Beach. Bay of Bengal. India. - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate
Leaded by a will to see one of the biggest Christian churches in India I drove to the Velankanni where the church is located at the sea shore.

I left Kumbakonam at 6 in the morning and arrived at Velankanni only around 9 so the journey took about three hours.

After I arrived and passed through tens and tens pf beggars I finally reached the white cathedral. It was a weird feeling that Hindus are going and praying in it but as I spoke with few locals I found out that their religious believes are like Jesus was a Saint like other Gods. Basically - yogi - who have mastered his mind and used it towards other being happiness.

Afterwards I found a wi-fi and spent few hours on the internet and went to the beach where was located small and cozy temple for Shiva.

I did not swam in the sea even if I wanted to because I did not had any place around to put my belongings and there where too many people around. But I had a fresh coconut juice on the beach!:)

Later I found some peaceful place to sit down and enjoy the amazing music of sea waves beating as they where coming to the shore.

Today at 6 pm I'm leaving from here to Bangalore from where I will take a train to Goa. In my thoughts I'm there already. This Bay of Bengal reminds me how much I missed the sea this summer and how badly I wanted to go to Goa to catch some Sun and lay down in a beach for hours. Can't wait Monday when I'll arrive there.

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