Day 76: Anuradhapura Buddhism, Sri Lanka - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate
I went sleep late last night as I was working on a website for this hotel I'm staying in so I waked up lately today. I don't know why but since I remember myself - creative process always was easier during nights. But mosquitoes are bad here. Each day I kill about hundreds of them!

I waked up around 12 today or even later and after having my breakfast the servants made for me at the outside terrace I went to look at the city.

Firstly I went to the Royal Pleasure Gardens which were just across the street by the lake. I felt such a peace in there that I even was meditating for about an hour. And felt absolutely blissfull state.

I felt like I would live here in a previous lifetimes. This place seems so familiar and lovingly. I feel like home here.

Afterwards I went down to see the tree where first Buddha got enlightement couple of thousands years ago. Yes - that tree still exists and is big. Surrounded by guards and buildings over 10 meters high to assure nobody touches it. Also there is a buddhist temple by it.

And later I was just enjoying everything what this city offers - mostly sightseeing and when it became dark - I went home. Had my supper and was working owith few websites.

Are you thinking about that next move in future technology just dont know where to start?

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